Creepy Sleepers:


They come in shades

Of Blue and Black and Grey.


They’ll snatch from you

The hair on top your head

And sit in its place, instead.


You’ll want to wail

And cry and SCREAM:

Please! Let me wake up from my Dream!

No, not a dream – the Obscene,

This very thing that is not a Dream!

No clouds, and sails or water pails,

No sugar, no dust, no forests at dusk,

No cherries, no sweets, no chocolate-filled creeks,

No tears of gold, or flowers of May,

No sunlight of blue and fields of grey,

No this is wrong,

Not right at all!

I won’t stand to see this through!


You have to leave,

To leave my head,

Place back the things you stole, instead!

Come rain or shine, I’ll beat you, Monster,

My Daddy will tell my Mummy –

Don’t cross her!

You’ll be sorry, oh creepy Creep!

After I’m done with dealing with you.

I’ll beat you with anything,

No weapon’s too small,

We stand as one,

But we’ll end as two.


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