This reminds me of times I used to stand



the greyish hue of the sky.


I would contemplate the way my arms,

my shoulders, my back….

my face, my knees, my toes, my thighs –

my eyes,

were charged with a silvery mist …


I would catch pearls into my hand,

letting them slide off and onto whatever,

look up at the sky

and let the clouds hug my cold…


But this time…


I am faced with a Mono-World –

A world of perpetual sadness.

A world slack of meaning.

This is Mother Nature’s Filicide.

Or is this just a black-listed sacrifice –

Of my own human race?





Struck down-to-ground.

Washed over with the colour Plastic,

Cremated by TVs

and Microwaves…

that’ll do the trick.


Hide the poison in their cupboards!

Hush – don’t make a sound.

Mother Nature may be watching –



Hahah – that’s good, I like that, that’s grand –

We’ll dig up her babies,

And mutate them to sludge.


That’s how I imagine it happened,

In the boardroom I mean,

Or some sort of lab…

Some place I’ve never seen.


Yes, It’s a Mono-World,

An unsightly thing,

I pray for my pearls,

And cry, for no-thing.


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