She Knelt Down To Pray

She Knelt Down To Pray


She knelt down to pray and didn’t get up. They found her a week later, drenched in blood and sweat. She was still warm. Still wet. Was she alive? What is alive? Alex asked. Am I alive? Was I ever? She didn’t move. They passed her body off to the cemetery. She obliged, wincing just a little when they cut her. Their scalpels tugging – funny, she always thought they would slice. They dirtied her body – took some things out. Stashed stuff away in dainty little jars. She did give permission, after all.

When they slid her into the warm earth, she listened for any sign of life. Anyone who might, just might, keep her company for a while. Anyone?

She found peace and blessings from the most unlikely of creatures. She had always assumed the worms would be friendlier than the maggots, but the maggots were softer hearted. If only they gave something to keep her cool, or relax the pressure somehow.

She heard that peoples’ hair grows forever – you know, whilst the other parts of the body, um, deteriorated. Did that mean her nails, too? She thought. I hope not… Maybe. Actually, on second thought, that might not be such a bad thing. But maybe it was. She had eternity to mull this over, after all.

She imagined the colour of her skin – all that tanning: wasted. She imagined what her eyes would look like – what would become of them. Would somebody, something take them away? She squeezed her eye lids shut: No one was pecking those out.

And what about her vagina? Would something eat it, reach inside; use it as a portal to the rest of her? She hoped the bugs would respect her virginity. She hoped they weren’t greedy males. Are bugs incarnations? If so, she hoped extra hard they weren’t greedy boys.

And what about her time? What was she supposed to do? She spent her whole life in submission – and now in death as well? Maybe that was the catch. Life’s joke. Is this hell? She dismissed a fleeting memory of her life above ground. It was stupid, anyway. To think, she means. She pushed the thoughts away, into something lower and lower and lower, where not even God could catch them.


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