The Breath Of Elipses


“Mother Nature, is that you?”

“breathing in my face?”

“is it you who has awaken”

“my body’s sense of grace?”

“I am walking like a gymnast”

“Since I breath you clear and strong”


“I am seeing cold Decembers”



“Is that you, mother nature?”

“who causes me to sleep?”

“Is it your sighs and doe like eye”

“that sings to me a lullaby – ”

“because your seeds no longer resemble you,”




“Mother Nature, you’ve nurtured me”

“in ways I cannot count”

“but Mother, we have de-natured you”

“To us you do not count”


“We hate you, mother”

“Take back your gifts”

“We scorn you, mother”

“Your warmth no longer fits”


“And we’ll keep turning our heels at you”

“And disobey your rules in spite of you”

“For all of eternity we will mule,”

“Just to hinder all you do, you do…”


“You’re cruel, mother nature!”

“what say you now?”

“take back your breaths”

“we need not your efforts”



: My love’s too much.

It is your race, my dear, you sacrifice.





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