It’s almost Halloween.  My absolute favourite holiday – God, I love the night.

No one really celebrates Halloween in London. Unless it’s just me that’s not invited to the parties… Here’s a short story . I’ll continue it every Thursday till the 31st.

A Story, My Sweet


Life. Death. Can someone hand me a reason? You answer with another question. How boring. How draining. You know what that feels like don’t you, honey. That draining feeling? I know you remember. Your eyes look beautiful tonight by the way. That’s right, doll. Beautiful. Why don’t you step inside? Ignore those times when your sweetheart broke off one too many pieces. The time your son stained a few more shirts than what was considered normal. I was always normal. Always the one who could see through people, just a little too well for their liking, that’s all. But will you be my friend? Will you hold back your screams when I tell you, show you my secrets? They’re really not that bad. Come on, don’t be scared. Step into my world, love, and I will show you all of my wonders.


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