Happy Halloween – Boo x3

Here’s the end of the Halloween series. Thanks for being so patient!  You can view previous posts of this story under the Halloween Thursday category in the sidebar – Happy Halloween!!



Same Date, Midnight

You wouldn’t! Please! You’re him aren’t you? You’re – You’re Hiuh –

It did him good it did. Did him well. He didn’t know what he was saying or thinking. It did him splendid. I think to myself this time round. After I change my stained clothes, I sit on my blue armchair. The one that looks over my front garden from the second floor. You can take a look through the window. Go on, darling. You see that? If you peer through the knobbed branches you can make out my pond. You see it? Good. Now look further beyond that and you can see a little shed. She looks beautiful tonight she does, under the stars and all. So do you, my sweet. You look lovely under the moonlight. You look positively ravishing, my friend…Anyway, do you want to hear my secret about that very shed? Of course you do, just don’t look at me when I tell you though. Look over at the shed instead…that’s it. You have to look at the shed. Good. Well, every now and then I see something in that there shed… Something moves. And sometimes? Sometimes I can see a face in the window. You see that window next to the shed door? Yeah, that one. Well, I’ll never forget that face. It shows only for a second, but I’ve seen it enough times to know it’s a face. It’s the eyes I like best. They look hollow. Have you ever seen hollow eyes before, love? No? Then let me show you. It won’t hurt me, just come a little bit closer. That’s it. You look scared. Why do you look scared? Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t going to hurt you? Didn’t I tell you that? Huh, honey? Huh, sugar? HUH, MY SWEET?!

Oh no, no no no. We’ll clean that up, yeah, that’s right! We’ll clean you up and you can be happy again! You’ll stay with me right? I still have to finish my story. Please stay! I love you, you know that, right?

Are you ok now? Of course you are, sweetie. So, do you want to hear the rest of my story? It’s incredible, I can tell you. You’ll love it. I’m a hero, you know. Yeah, that’s right, you heard me, a hero. I save people’s lives. Yeah, I save their lives, and that’s why you love me, isn’t it? They love me too, darling. Can I tell you something? Well…I can hear their voices when I’m hiding them and things. They say thank you. Yeah, you heard me, love, they say thank you and that they love me. I’m a hero. No, no that’s not right…I’m a God.

31st October, 11:55pm

What? No, sir, we’re not looking for any trouble. We just wanted to have a little fun that’s all. Since its Halloween and all…What’s that! What’s that there thing? Oh God. Wha – RUN BOYS!

They were asking for it, literally. They’re a lot happier now. Yeah, they’re happy. But some got away! Some of them got away! What did they look like? This is so frustrating…! All ten-year-old boys look alike these days
. I think to myself this time as I wipe my blade. I accidentally smudge the blood around my face and arms instead of wiping it. It’s just that there were so many of them this time… Sugar, could you wipe it off for me? That’s it, damp that cloth. No not that one! That’s stained you bi-… sugar bun. It’s the one next to it, darling. don’t. be. scared. Come closer and wipe the stains off… Yeah, that feels good. You’re hands, they’re so soft and warm. What did you say? Did you just say – never mind. You’re eyes, they’re lovely, honey. WHY DID YOU LOOK AT ME IN THE EYE! DIDN’T I TELL YOU NOT TO LOOK AT ME! DIDN’T I TELL YOU! COME BACK HERE, LOVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You look positively beautiful when you run, my love.
Which one, which one! HAHA! Which one… The thin one or the butcher?! Just a quick test on me army arm…Yeah, that’s the one. Hey, where are you, my sweet? Come here, my lovely. I heard what you said. I’ll do it for you, don’t worry. It will all be over soon! Oh, there you are, love. Don’t be scared. You’ll like how it feels, darling. I promise.

Please…where are you…please…don’t make me cry…I can’t take this anymore…please…oh please.


1 November 1:00am


Hello, listener. I know you’re there – I just know it. Please listen to what happened, try to make sense of it, and tell me how I got here, why I’m here…

So I searched for her. I search everywhere with the butcher in my hand. I can hardly walk upright because I feel so dizzy and sad. I wail for her to come back. I bump into the walls of my home, and slip on something wet. I fall to the ground and Waaaaaiiiillll! My belly pushed the butcher through my own fingers. I stagger up, trying to wipe my tears but getting blood in my eyes instead. I don’t want to tell you the rest…this is…difficult for me…

So I slop around my house and get to the front door, which is shut, so I open it. I stand in the doorway for a second and can hear chirping birds. I can make out a world out there – I can see the outline of my trees and my wall and my gate – but their details are red and muddy. I hear a scream and rush back inside, slamming the door behind me. I turn around and facing me is… a person. They’re standing so close their heat crusts the blood on my face. I fall to the doormat, plunked there like a damp embryo. I’m so tired that I sleep. And that’s what happened – I swear it…I…I guess I remember – Wait! Wait! I remember seeing a girl in a closet, I remember seeing her gasp as her body folded inwards at the waist. Oh, silly me, it was you. I beg your pardon.  I remember…I remember holding someone’s hair…Oh, it was long and black. I remember screaming – I was scared. Please, please leave me. I’m begging you, kill me. I don’t want to hurt you. So I won’t. You believe me, right? Because that’s the ending of my story. And now, I will live my life with you, my crown jewel. I’m glad we had this talk. Now, let me take you back to sit with my other friends in the play room….


Little Jimmy, oh, you cheeky thing, get out of your plastic bags and join the group. We’re gonna have tea and discuss politics.


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