Into The Iyes Of A Cat

Down moon-less alleys

Into the eyes of a cat

–          once frosted over with powdered cats-milk,

now turned to liquid from our touch somehow –

we climb.


We land in the land of the cat’s brain

Our feet soft and gooey on the

Cobbled road

In the alley,

Where cat’s dream and in cat’s dream.


We wobble off our course,

Pulled into the abyss

By magnets

Into the shadows of the cat’s

moving iris.


We hold each other for

Want of not falling,

Because we know if we

fall we’ll break our necks on the crystal turtles that

Point their shells up towards heaven

–          Look, there goes another one.


You look deep into my eyes,

Not scared, but not loving either.

You say –

Quick. Choose.

And I say –

We’re going to land on a turtle, I’m scared.

And then you take us back out of the

Cat’s eyes,

I come out of the right and you the left,

And we look at each other,

Both soaking wet and blue,

And you say –

Let’s go home

And I say –

Be more specific, you know I don’t like surprises.


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