An Oily World


The world kind of shows its face to me,

once in a while,

me: the girl who’s kinda there –

kinda really nowhere.


In between the lands and cracks of my mind

I find

That love is just the shadow

Of an opaque sleaze hiding behind my ear,

Telling me to take things that aren’t mine for the taking –

But I take them anyway,

Snatch them away and gobble them up –

At least, only in mind,

Because I always seem to find

That my hands never do the moving

When my mind is in the ring

And loop of things

That are never its for the looping.


So I sit here, at the end of the busy day

And try to collect my thoughts

Like collecting the crumbs from a table top.


I watch the particles trickle out through the cracks in my fingers,

As the contents of my heart leaks inconspicuously into the hollow of my gut.


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