Somelights, Somenights.

Sometimes I don’t know the use of it all.

I see the light seeping through the cracks in my curtains,

And it makes me want to crawl.

Nightlife has always scared me,

The way it shutters off the distractions.

I can no longer…

I can’t ignore the worms swimming under my skin.

I told the psychiatrists they were snakes –

But I didn’t mean to lie…

I guess I just forgot how slimy they felt.

It’s hard to recall nightmares in the daylight –


Sometimes things crawl around in me,

I dunno…

I don’t know what I’m saying, it’s just –

I want to talk about these things, you know?

But what’s the point? I mean…

I just hope that I stay on this earth forever –

As a ghost.

I want to fly through the world and see things from a safe distance,

From up in the air –

High enough so the crows won’t get to me.

I hope I get to see the world,

I hope it’s close to what I think heaven might be like.

I hope so bad


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