“It” is More of a Disease in Your World Than a Disease in My Head.

I know I’m losing it,

Hold me!


“Are you faking it?”


Why you asking?

Are you fazed by it?

Are you confuse by it?

Cursed by it?

Burdened with it?


Well then,

Don’t mind me here –

Living it,

Breathing it,

Drowning in it!

Controlled by it!

Trying to hide from it!

Having to build a life with it!


Don’t pity me, sir

But please envy It,

Because maybe then you’ll fall and be caught by It,

So then you might see

What the world looks like to me:


Its black and white

And big, then small,

And square, then shapeless

And you’ll find that you’re hopeless/ But me explaining it is helpless


So you’re best not to notice,

If you won’t sit down with me,

Just for a minute,

To imagine what this disease has done to me.


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