Salt from Salt Water

Dipping cups inside my water,

Drinking up what’s inside yours.

Thoughtful walks without our feathers

Makes death seem like one big chore


Hope will save us but the devil,

Is the one to bless the whores

Think I’m delving into nothing,

Maybe soaking up all yours.


Your shadow’s clean but then again,

Your method’s caked in borrowed sores.

I just want to leave my hometown

Running backwards on all fours.


Our footsteps meet before our time,

Our smiles before time’s man-kind


So now we’re tangled in split-ends, under water with no end

Fearing wonder

Fearing peers

Sitting, waiting, drinking tears.



5 thoughts on “Salt from Salt Water

  1. I’ve heard the word “interesting” strung together with my name very often and it always makes me feel uneasy. I get the feeling it’s a euphemism for freaky/crappy – but thank you, you are very kind.

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