Eyes on Mozer.

They liquidate dogs and rats – liquidated cats and dogs – liquidated – being liquidated – in the blue barrel outside Primrose Hill.


They stuff the intestines in your pancakes

And pour their yellow down Your gullet, please

You need your blasted milkshakes

Just to stomach what life throws at you and your greying children.


You think puppets are smart, but they’re weak.

You think parks are nice and they are –

And Maybe that’s your problem.


I hate writing these stupid things and telling you shit like: Poison.

But the world is covered in a red that drips from the very thing you claim as your eyes.

Sometimes I wonder why we even have you.


If not to see, then to breed.

But procreation is a waste of infinity

And shorelines are a waste of the horizon.


I hate watching you and I hated those dogs,

But in the end aren’t we all just taffy?

Breaking candy and snap-fishing caramel, snapping in three.




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