A Long Dark Twisted Road Out Of Hell !

I want to get away as far as possible,

I don’t want to be here, where the mothers of four generations have festered.

Fuck being a mother.

Fuck being human,

I wish I was cold to the core, brave to the bone.

Fuck my bones.

Fuck this house.

Fuck everyone living and breathing, everyone above ground, everyone above water, everyone above fire and grass and stone.

I want to be alone, so alone that my skeleton will no longer bare the weight of my stinking flesh, nor my chest bare my fat clumsy heart.

I wish I was shell-less,

A sheep without skin, a tree without healing.

Fuck me, and everyone who ever wanted to be with me.

Fuck life and everyone who burnt theirs,

And finally, fuck the trees that let us live, and the crows that watch over us in pity,

Their shadows taunt us, dark angels in light skies. .



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