Little Girls’ Toys Scare Little Boys | Art by Anka Zhuravleva

Anka ZhuravlevaWhen I was little,

My father told me to close my eyes whenever he watched a horror.

It might seem like he was protecting me from fear.

But as I grew older, I thought that maybe he was protecting himself from fear. Maybe, I don’t know, he feared that if I saw the gore and terror, that I wouldn’t finch.

I used to peek through my fingers when he told me to keep them tight over my face.

I didn’t squirm at the images, my heart didn’t race.

I didn’t know what physical pain was, so couldn’t relate.

To be honest I still don’t know what it is.

What pains me most to contemplate,

Is all the courage that it would take,

To tell my dad that I have seen,

An A to Z of the obscene.


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