My name is Maxwell Munchhausen and I write poetry and fiction. I wanted to create a space for insomniacs, the restless, curious, lone wonderers and loners to get some time off from their own slightly insane tendencies. I would love to see what people are creating out there, and you can go on the doodle page for more info.

Most of my work deals with the darker side of sanity (just a heads up, some of it’s violent). I hope you get something out of my writing, because I truly do write it for you. If you think it’s rubbish, join the club! You can email me with suggestive improvements at: maxwellmunchhausen@hotmail.co.uk, or hey, just hate on me on twitter @mmunchhausen. If you like my writing, I’m super glad you enjoyed it!

And a word to the wicked, the villainous, the guilty party out there – you know who you are: I like you already :)

I am a published writer. I have articles published in MediaMagazine and poetry in SEA Backpacker Magazine . My short stories have been short-listed for Writers And Artists Competitions.

All Rights Reserved To MaxwellMunchhuasen.

Please Respect Copyright Restrictions. All texts written are owned solely by  Maxwell Munchhausen.


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