Point Blank | Art by Aron Wiesenfeld

aron wiesenfeld

This is the point where life drops me off and calls it a day,

And the hurt crashes into me so hard that it tears my clothes off of my back,

My scabs off of my wounds.

I’m left standing in the cold,

Feeling nothing but the sharp wind spiking at my bareness.

I look back at the world and see myself; I look inwards and see nothing.


Windsor’s Battle with Coffee Dreams and Paper Glasses| Art by Myung Keun Koh

When everything I ever write has been written before,Myung Keun Koh

When one’s last supper is another’s break from fasting,

When the shoes you wear will be worn again,

When the friends you make have made their own,

When the seeds you’ve chucked someplace else sown…

The sugar-glass in these glasses won’t see your print

on a world so small, you barely fit.